Every organization wants to attract the best talent. What is often missed in the quest for the best, however, is that someone who may be “the best” for one organization might not work well with the culture, people and business needs of another organization. How do you determine what “the best” means to your organization and then find that talent that is best for you?

A non-profit organization has a challenging environment – new government regulation, less funding from traditional sources, and a workforce that needs to think like a for-profit in terms of accountability. Wingate Consulting was called to help identify skills and perspectives needed in this new environment and to help ensure the employees’ productivity and satisfaction.

With the management team, we developed a competency model which clearly identified what was needed for success to meet the organizational challenges. Based on the competencies, we created an interview guide that included questions and suggestions for finding examples of candidates’ past experiences. This guide was used for both new hires and for those promoted/moved into new roles.

And finally we developed an on-boarding process for the new hires that not only focused on short-term issues (e.g., benefits and other HR requirements), but also on longer-term issues such as culture and team.

At Wingate Consulting, we have developed a discerning approach to identify the talent that will perform well within your organization. We begin by working to fully understand your organization and needs. We then work through our talent selection and development process. Finally, we provide onboarding and ongoing support to ensure that you select, develop and retain the talent that is right for your organization.