Involving the company “team” in creating a culture of both accountability and innovation seems to be today’s catch phrase.

But what the heck does this all mean?

Employees who’ve been encouraged to feel they’re a part of the company’s priorities will make the extra effort to produce quality results. They’re committed, competent and happy to contribute.

So how do managers create an engaged workforce?

  1. Increase communications about EVERYTHING. Conduct town halls to share results, plans and goals. Answer questions truthfully.
  2. Show that you care about customers and employees. Deliver on promises made. People need to trust and be confident about their management. This can’t be underestimated.
  3. Recognize top performers. Give kudos to those earning them. It’s amazing what something this simple can and will do for employees and thus for your company.
  4. Don’t be hesitant to give challenging assignments, special projects and training which leads to growth and development.