While most companies systematize things like manufacturing, product development and service delivery, many organizations do not have a defined, well-managed process for working with their people.

Through our years of experience, Wingate Consulting has developed a structured process to help organizations get the most out of their investment in people. By implementing this process in your organization, we are confident that we can help you achieve greater success. Here’s how the process works:

Identify Talent

Strengthen the Pipeline

Strengthening your leadership pipeline combines the key elements of replacement planning and high potential development. The benefits are easily seen. The process anticipates changes in management rather than just filling empty assignments when they occur. As a dividend it also ensures continuity of leadership by cultivating talent from within an organization.

Wingate Consulting works with clients to determine an approach that best addresses their organization’s needs. Success depends on senior managers’ commitment and participation. The first step is to work with this team to determine the purpose, the outcomes, and their roles in the process. It is only then that we sketch out procedures to follow, identify the target employee groups, and set program priorities.

Build Success Profiles

Wingate Consulting provides clients with a results-oriented approach to attract the best  talent and to identify successors for key leadership positions. Linda works with organizations to define what competencies are needed to succeed in their fast-changing, action-oriented companies.

Wingate Consulting uses an approach that helps build organization-wide leadership success profiles – those skills and perspectives most important for success in your specific organization. The process for building the profiles typically starts with a team of people who are knowledgeable about an organization’s future challenges and who can offer insights into the characteristics that a person must have to succeed in a high impact position. The resulting profiles, which list only the essential competencies, can be used for planning and managing the identification and development of future and current leaders.

Attract the Best Talent

Wingate Consulting works with the people responsible for interviewing and selecting talent, to be focused on hiring the best fit candidates. Selecting the A-players to work for you takes a lot of work. You need to determine who they are, what their capabilities are and whether they will fit into your organization’s culture. If you’re successful, though, you can count on better business results and you can attract other great people.

There is no better way to select the right people than to ask interview questions that uncover information about the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and expectations. The questions you ask must be those that get at how people have learned critical competencies throughout their careers. You must also align the interview questions with the significant challenges of the job and be clear about the key factors for success.

Develop Talent

Realistic & Personalized Development Plans

A good development plan is not a simple document. To be powerful, it must be grounded in real-world experience. It must also be crafted to fit the needs of the person being developed. The plan should include job assignments and other development options that build the leadership skills necessary for success. Personalized development plans will help close the gap between what competencies are needed now and those needed in the future. It is that piece which makes our plan so effective. Wingate Consulting helps clients to write the development plans as it works with managers to build their own coaching skills.

Targeted Development Coaching

One-on-one Coaching

As the challenges facing leaders and organizations become more complex, leaders are considering coaching as a way of dealing with them. In a coaching arrangement, Wingate Consulting works one-on-one with a future leader in a series of dynamic, confidential sessions. Some of the goals for this coaching would be to help a future leader develop skills to become a coach and mentor to others and to develop approaches that increase operational management knowledge and skills.

Leadership Coaching with Emerging Leaders

In this coaching, future leaders participate in an internal business network through a series of dynamic group sessions focused on career pathing, feedback, communication and better decision making, particularly during times of change. Coaching emerging leaders leverages the possibilities for personal and professional growth as participants learn from each other and from Wingate Consulting. The result is a group of cross functional leaders that will serve as change agents to support one another’s accomplishments and the organization’s strategy.

Management Training

Wingate Consulting works with clients to  design and develop customized training to increase capabilities of managers. The training could include a series of sessions organized around the role of manager as coach and the importance of communication in building relationships, with specific emphasis on performance management. Sample topics are:

• Objective setting
• Coaching skills
• Communication approaches
• Giving and receiving feedback
• Listening
• Conflict management
• Influencing others
• Providing reinforcement


Sustain Talent

Organizational Diagnosis and Design

Wingate Consulting works with leaders to create an environment where talented people can work where they want to stay, where they are energized, and where they will succeed.

Linda partners with clients in assessing, creating and implementing realistic and workable solutions that address issues. They include those of performance, work satisfaction, productivity and commitment. The assessments will incorporate organizational surveys to determine a picture of where the organization is today and where it wants to be tomorrow.

The resulting gap analysis will set the stage for follow-up actions and initiatives.

Executive On-Boarding

Wingate Consulting facilitates an on-boarding process to help new leaders achieve a great fit with the organization. The process involves regular feedback from key stakeholders, including the boss, the team and others; and coaching. It focuses on building successful relationships, clarifying expectations and defining critical priorities. It is an excellent opportunity for unraveling on-going communication needs and responses for the new executive, and it drastically reduces the time it takes for the executive to become productive.

Change Management for Leaders

The pace and complexity of organizational change contributes to intense emotions that play out in organizations. Such reactions can make it difficult for leaders to set direction, encourage alignment, and gain commitment from the people who work in their organizations. Wingate Consulting provides guidance to leaders so they gain a comfort in managing these emotional reactions to change. The result is that people quickly and successfully move through transitions and return to productivity.