Managing employee performance begins the moment your organization makes a hiring decision and continues until the employee’s final day with your firm. Wingate Consulting helps organizations every step of the way, with comprehensive services to optimize performance from onboarding to executive coaching to succession planning and management.

  • Onboarding – Accelerating Leadership: As leaders are hired or promoted to positions of new responsibility, implementing a proactive on-boarding process can help all team members be more successful. Wingate Consulting can help you create and manage a process that fits the specific needs of your organization
  • Coaching – Improving Management:  Every manager on your team can improve his or her performance with the guidance of a coach. Even top performance in fields as divergent as athletics and the arts find this to be true. Wingate Consulting works with each client to develop a coaching program that best fits the needs of the individual and organization.
  • Succession – Ensuring the Future:  Eventually, even the most successful, most irreplaceable leaders will leave your organization. Whether the departure is anticipated such as retirement or unanticipated such as medical or personal reasons, it is essential for your organization to be prepared. Wingate Consulting helps organizations identify and develop successors so that when the time for succession arrives your organization is well-prepared to move forward.