As leaders are hired or promoted to positions of new responsibility, implementing a proactive on-boarding process can help all team members be more successful. Wingate Consulting can help you create and manage a process that fits the specific needs of your organization.

Elizabeth was a highly competent IT director in a growing financial services firm. When she was promoted to the senior position in the IT department, she and others in the organization saw it as a great opportunity for both her and the firm. At the same time, she, her executive vice president and the head of human resources fully understood that she faced some challenges as she began her new role.

This was Elizabeth’s first experience working at the executive level. On top of that, all of her ten direct reports were men – some of whom had been candidates for this senior position. To accelerate the transition and to help Elizabeth, her direct reports and her department be more successful, the head of HR selected Wingate Consulting to create and implement a Leadership Acceleration Program.

Wingate Consulting worked individually with Elizabeth to understand her needs and concerns, interviewed her previous bosses to gather background information and created a new leader development strategy. Collaborative sessions were held with Elizabeth and her new reports, followed by meetings of just her direct reports. Her direct reports were guided in developing questions they wanted Elizabeth to answer, as well as information they felt it was important for her to know.

Follow-up meetings were held with Elizabeth and her direct reports. In addition, Elizabeth received personal one-on-one leadership coaching to further help her in her new role. Over a period of several weeks, Elizabeth was able to accelerate her leadership transition with very positive results for the organization, her direct reports, and herself. There was no turnover in key staff, and the team improved their performance with their colleagues.