C-Level Counsel

“It’s lonely at the top” is so often true. Senior executives generally need to figure out the best approach to deal with people and organization issues on their own. Wingate Consulting can serve as a trusted advisor to leaders, bringing  →

Leadership Acceleration

As leaders are hired or promoted to positions of new responsibility, implementing a proactive on-boarding process can help all team members be more successful. Wingate Consulting can help you create and manage a process that fits the specific needs of  →

The Best Talent

Every organization wants to attract the best talent. What is often missed in the quest for the best, however, is that someone who may be “the best” for one organization might not work well with the culture, people and business  →

Build the Team

Having great talent is not enough. Getting the right people in the right jobs to work together coherently is essential for success. The ABC Company, a financial services firm, had a number of people who had worked together in the  →

High Potential Women

Many organizations have recently made efforts to recruit and retain high-potential women to increase their representation in senior management. Catalyst, a non-profit research and advisory firm for advancing women in business, cites three reasons for this heightened activity – women  →

Strategic Human Resources

Human Resources professionals are often called on to deal with “messy,” tactical issues. Consequently, HR is sometimes not seen for the strategic value it can bring to an organization. Strategic engagement of human resources can be a powerful way to  →