“It’s lonely at the top” is so often true. Senior executives generally need to figure out the best approach to deal with people and organization issues on their own. Wingate Consulting can serve as a trusted advisor to leaders, bringing an expertise and outside perspective.

Jim grew his company from the ground up. What began as a one-man, bootstrapped startup is now a regional powerhouse with more than 1,000 employees. With the growth in the company, Jim has experienced a tremendous sense of satisfaction and financial success, but he also faces challenges inherent in growing into a large organization with many people.

Several years back, Jim was experiencing some significant human resources issues that required additional assistance. Wingate Consulting began working with Jim to address his concerns, transition some people to new roles, identify and on-board new talent, and develop coaching and training support programs for key employees. Very quickly, Jim was able to appreciate the benefits of bringing in an advisor with senior-level skills to augment his efforts and the work of his own HR staff.

Now, years later, Wingate Consulting continues to work with Jim as a trusted advisor as he continues to face a variety of challenges in his business. Sometimes, Jim has a specific project on which he needs additional support. Other times, Jim turns to Wingate Consulting to help him work through issues within the company.

As a result of the talent assessment and development, the right people are working in jobs that fit with their talents and they are producing high quality, customer-focused outcomes. Jim spends more time growing his businesses rather than worrying about how to “get the best people in the rights jobs to produce results.”