Having great talent is not enough. Getting the right people in the right jobs to work together coherently is essential for success.

The ABC Company, a financial services firm, had a number of people who had worked together in the company for a long time. As the company grew and the marketplace changed, ABC needed to continue to do some of its work the way it had always been done. But new needs, improved technology and a changing workforce required a fresh approach and the formation of the new team.

Wingate Consulting met with the leaders of ABC and select employees who were competently handling their work and who were seen as team players. Wingate Consulting was able to identify the specific qualities needed in members of the new team and what roles would be needed for the team to succeed. Using a Role-Based Assessment system to assess current team members and potential new hires, Wingate Consulting was able to help ABC build an effective and efficient team to successfully accomplish the required work.

As ABC grows and changes, Wingate Consulting continues to help the organization assess candidates for open positions and for promotions. Having a sound system to not only identify talent, but to also create effective teams can be invaluable to every organization. People are teaming to achieve shared goals. Costs are reduced, and job satisfaction, productivity and retention are higher.